AmericaView Online Educational Resources

Earth Image Puzzles
Bandwidth Requirement: Low
Grade Level: All

AmericaView Earth Image Puzzles can be used to teach students about the environment, agriculture, natural resources, geology, landscape change, human impacts, and how scientists use satellites to study the world in which we live.

Educational Resource Portal
Bandwidth: Low – High
Grade Level: K-Graduate
Educational Topics: Various

The AmericaView Educational Resource Portal contains lesson resources to help teachers explore topics ranging from land cover and changes in landscapes to forestry and watershed issues. The freely available resources are searchable by grade level and resource type, with downloadable instruction materials (including lecture notes, powerpoints, and handouts).

Remote Sensing Imagery Game
Bandwidth: Low
Grade Level: K-12

An interactive matching game that teaches students about earth science through remote sensing. The activity enables students to compare satellite images of land cover over time. Students explore the images from various locations throughout the world, identify their visible physical characteristics, detect land cover change over time, and train their memory to quickly recognize patterns.

Earth Observation Day Posters
Bandwidth requirement: Medium
Grade Level: All

Earth Observation Day (EOD) is a Science, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) education and outreach event. The official EOD is planned for Tuesday, October 13, 2020; however, every day can be an EOD celebration! The EOD resources are easily viewed on the screen OR printed out at your local print shop. Each of the materials gives students the opportunity to learn about earth observations (satellite imagery) through interactive games, informative descriptions, and amazing remotely sensed imagery.