Earth as Art Educational Materials

Below are the education posters and exhibit connection guides that were developed as part of the IowaView Spring 2017 Earth as Art exhibit:

Educational Posters

  • More that Just a Pretty Picture: How Landsat images are made – this educational poster briefly explains how we see light. Our eyes can only detect a small section of the light energy (electromagnetic spectrum) that is around us – .45-.67 nanometers.  The Landsat satellite can collect a much broader range of energy .43-2.29 nanometers.  The satellite collects all this information at one time but in different layers called bands.  There are at least 7 spectral bands that are collected.  We can only visualize combinations of three of them at a time.  The images in the gallery are various combinations of mixed light energies.
  • Image Locations – this educational poster shows where the images are located across the globe.







Exhibit Connection Guides