Consider Presenting at ITAG 2020

Interested in presenting?
The ITAG planning committee invites the submission of abstracts from professionals, educators, students and others participating in the latest developments in information technology and GIS.


Example topics might include:
• ArcGIS Pro
• GIS Web Applications
• Drones
• Next Gen 911
• Python
• SQL Server
• VMware
• Windows Server 2019
• Project Management

Presentation types:
• General Session – (Select 60, 45, 30, or 15 minute time-slots)
• Lightning Round – (15 minutes)
• Round-Table or Collaborative Session

Abstract Guidelines:
• Abstracts cannot exceed 1,500 characters
• Abstract submission is online only
• Please fill out separate forms for each presentation submittal
• Presentations should be informative and educational and not sales oriented

Gift Cards for Presenters:
• Will receive $50 gift card for 60 minute talk, $25 for 30 minute talk
• If a presentation has multiple presenters, they will only receive one gift card for the group
• If presenter is presenting two or more times, they will only receive one card
• Not valid for exhibitor or student presentations
• Must submit presentation by April 15 and must register for conference before May 8
• Only applied if presentation is accepted for the conference
• Card will be given at the conference

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