Earth Science Week – Day 3: Earth Observation Day

Happy Earth Observation Day!

Today we are celebrating remote sensing, the study of the earth using secondary observations from instruments such as planes, kites, drones, satellites as an exciting and powerful educational tool to help us show changes over time.

This year the AmericaView/NASA team has put together a fun and beautiful educational poster!

The front of the poster highlights the fantastic remote sensing work by the US satellite, Landsat. The 2020 Earth Observation Day poster promotes Landsat imagery from across the globe. The Landsat program has provided a continuous space-based record of the surface of the Earth since 1972. Every day, Landsat satellite imagery provides information to scientists, researchers, farmers, forest managers, policy makers, and many others that helps them make wise decisions about our resources and our environment.

The opposite side of the poster features a game, Factory Earth: Making Products from Earth Materials, which goes along with this year’s Earth Science Week theme – Earth Materials in Our Lives. Players collect various earth resources across the board to make products like crayons, fish sticks, and baseballs. The poster also comes with punch out games pieces.

To download a copy of the poster at the AmericaView Earth Observation Day website.

If you would like a printed copy of the poster with game pieces – please email Amy Logan, IowaView State Coordinator.

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