Missed Our Mapathon?

Did you miss our mapathon or weren’t able to attend because you aren’t in the area? You can still contribute to the effort. 🙂

A) Create an OpenStreetMap account: https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/new

B) Check out the iD Editor Walkthrough. This is a great introduction to the iD Editor interface. It shows the basics of how to create points and features in OpenStreetMap and how to give those created features attributes and tags. To start the iD Editor Walkthrough – log in to OpenStreetMap and then click on the Edit button (choose iD Editor) then take the iD Editor Walkthrough.

1) Click on Edit with iD 2) Click on the Question Mark Icon to begin the iD Editor Walkthrough

C) Read though the pdf “How to Map Buildings: Developing Proficiency with OpenStreetMap” put together by Steven Johnson and the Teach OSM team.

D) Visit the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Tasking Manager (https://tasks.hotosm.org/contribute) to find a current humanitarian project.

Missing Maps is a set of projects within the tasking manager that offer an extra incentive for participation – badges are awarded as you completed mapping tasks (buildings completed, roads mapped, consecutive days of mapping, etc.)

Example of Missing Maps Badges and Stats Page

E) If you are interested in joining an OpenStreetMap US group check out Slack (osmus.slack.com) – there is a lot of good discussion that happens there. You can post questions and get answers from the community.

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